is a Company active in the field of industrial automation since the beginning of the year 2000. The difficulties met during its experience as manufacturer of special machines for assembling were the starting point to develop some series of products which allow a better rationalization of the machineboard plants, and –when possible- a simplification of the mechanical projecting in the field of object moving and speed and position control, that were managed, at that time, through electric axles, or through pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders.

Eurosei innovative series are intended to offer a new product proposal for the industrial automation field. These products did not exist before, or if they did, they were not fully satisfactory. Eurosei is always available for evaluating and studying whatever request for the projecting and developing of new products.

The daily requests of manufacturing Companies is the spur to our constant improvement and innovation, to ideate new solutions in application fields which were so far not even approached, and to consider new product strategies oriented to the improvement of old technical solutions which are obsolete and strict, even if still functional.

Our technical skill allow us to support the customer in “difficult” applications; this is what distinguish Eurosei from the other suppliers of electric cylinders.

Eurosei offers solutions, this is what our customers say.

Planning and developing what is not existing

Thanks to this attitude EUROSEI has projected and manufactured more than 10 different series of electrical cylinders in conformity with ISO 15552 (ex ISO 6431), in conformity with ISO 6432, and Customized expressly for the Building Automation field.
The different series can be supplied with or without linear or parallel motorization; motorization can be linear or parallel.
For the series ISO 15552 (ex ISO 6431) is available a flexible shaft motorization (patented Eurosei).

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