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When projecting a new machine or device, technicians should take into account the implementation of the electric cylinders but these are often considered a new product, and are basically unknown. Furthermore the implementation of other products that could seem similar to electric cylinders can generate confusion about proper terminology, functionality, and specific application fields.

With this premises Eurosei and its commercial network is always very careful when evaluating its customers’ requests. Looking for the best solution it is fundamental to know the main constructive characteristic of the product but, beside the catalogue, the experience acquired in several different application fields allows us to offer Customized solutions.

Pre-selling  phase and After Sales service

During the pre-selling phase, Eurosei carefully evaluates the real needs of its clients in order to offer them  the best product at the best price for their specific application.
Eurosei refuses the commercial strategy to oversize and overdimension the offered products because it has great respect for the customers, and for their money.

Whenever requested Eurosei assists (by phone or personally) its clients  during the commissioning; in this phase often arise improvements that leads both supplier and customer to better performances.

So far, many customers ask our counselling when projecting their new applications: they look for suggestions or want to verify the dimensioning of their project. We are proud of this; it is for us the confirmation that being on customer’s side is always a right choice.

Furthermore, Eurosei is constantly training and upgrading its commercial network for the spread of a culture regarding electric cylinders considered not as a simple component but as a complete machine that needs technical acknowledgement for its implementation.

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