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Filling the following form you will obtain, as quickly as possible and with no obligation for you, the necessary information for a correct dimensioning of the Eurosei Electric Cylinders for applications in ISO 15552 (ex ISO 6431) standard.

If your application need does not fall into this standard, it will be anyway met using the other Eurosei Electric Cylinder series and the custom solutions: we kindly ask you to call or contact us!
Please note: since all the required data are strictly interconnected, in order to be able to provide you with the best system definition and optimization, we kindly ask you to fill the for as precisely as possible, including even a brief description of the specific application.

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Max load to be pusher or pulled in Kg (1)
max: 1000Kg
Working position, Vertical/Horizontal or working angle
In degrees (0=horiz, 90=vert)
Total stroke of the system [mm]
Mechanical working stroke
Stroke with max load [mm]
Work stroke
Working speed when having max load [mm/s]
Consider the ramps when running short cycles
Max speed (Depending on screw type)
Consider the ramps when running short cycles
Total time to do a complete return cycle
As alternative to speed data
Stop time between two consecutive cycles
Number of working hours per day
Precision of final positioning (+/- mm centisimal)
Only for ball screw type/for acme screw +/- 0.3 mm
Free rod or with Anti-Rotation device

Motorization Linear or Parallel 2

Only Parallel when cylinder is oscillating
Need to have a breaking system when rod is standstill

Used mainly on vertical axles
IP65 Protection degree (on the cylinder only)

The motor has to be protected
Just positioning or also end-stroke pushing is required 3

Motorization and driver supplied by user?

Only servomotors allowed, “NO” 220 Vac
Motorization type Brushless/StepMotor/DC motor

Minimum 24 Vdc, (12V only with DC motors)

1) The load to be indicate is the real weight of the object to be moved, PLUS the eventual force to be applied during the stroke or at the end.

2) For the in-line cylinders is avaiable a EUROSEI special intermediate hinge (not avaiable on very heavy loads, please contact our T.D. )

3) ”NO” means the cylinder goes on pushing when reaching end stroke (even if cannot reach the pre-set quote)

Short description of the application
You are/Your company is a
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Currently you use cylinders
If you already use electric cylinders, indicate the brand
Technical Skill
If you are experiencing problems with your current products, please describe
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