Heavy Duty Applications

High temperatures and abrasive powders



For Vetri Speciali S.p.A, Eurosei electric cylinders has provided important advantages in terms of dimensions and reliability of the system in a particularly difficult sector such as glassworks.

The electric cylinder, properly equipped with an “F” class motor, in ambient temperatures of 75-80° with particularly abrasive glass powders, avoids maintenance and machine shutdown problems imposed by the substitution of the gaskets on the pneumatic cylinder, and the stroke regulation problems due to the variation of the product.


By courtesy of Vetri Speciali S.p.A. - Ormelle (TV).


Very high temperatures



For Cometal Engineering S.p.A, Eurosei has used its EFx series return electric cylinders with flexible shaft (Eurosei patent) to solve another problem related to an hostile environment.

Eurosei cylinders move the cooling nozzle carrier bars down-line of an aluminum extrusion line, with an output temperature of about 600°, and a working ambient temperature of 80°

The controlled movement of the nozzles allows to spray the cooling water in a uniform and variable way, differentiated according to the kind of product thus avoiding the occurrence of temperature leaps due to the non homogeneity of the cooling liquid.

The movement of cylinder with a 4,5 meter-long shaft placed in a cable-carrier chain allows to keep the motor in an environment that is different from the hostile one, while the exceptional characteristics of Eurosei electric cylinders are able to guarantee the functioning at very high temperatures.

By courtesy of Cometal Engineering S.p.A. - Brescia


Car gear test in climatic chamber



The application realized by Eurosei for Prototipo S.p.A. has been possible thanks to the special EFx series cylinders with flexible shaft (Eurosei patent). The request regarded the execution of car gearboxes tests in a climatic chamber, with temperatures from -40° to +140°.

Thanks to the flexible shaft the motor remains outside the climatic chamber, while the exceptional characteristics of Eurosei electric cylinders ensure its perfect functioning even with such extreme temperatures and wide temperature ranges.

By courtesy of Prototipo S.p.A. - Trofarello (TO).

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