Test Benches

Test benches and controlled life tests



Eurosei has realized for Mecaer Aviation Group S.p.A., world leading suppliers of solutions for the aeronautic industry, the "core" of the new test bench for the shock-absorbers of the helicopter landing skids.

The bench, equipped with Eurosei electric cylinders, performs movements at controlled speed and pushes to execute a “fatigue” test on the shock-absorbers mounted on the landing gear of some series of helicopters.

The system has been delivered turnkey: feasibility study, realization including the curve and “stroke/speed” profile characterization, setting up and formation of the operator.


By courtesy of Mecaer Aviation Group S.p.A. - Borgomanero (NO).


Car seat test



Eurosei electric cylinders have proved to be the ideal solution for an important car company for an equipment testing the noisiness of luxury car seats in a silent chamber.

Eurosei electric cylinders are the only ones on the market that ensure the necessary silence to avoid affecting the test data.

Furthermore, for this application Eurosei has studied, together with the customer, a proper speed/position “profile” that could imitate the movement of the human body.



Gear box test in climatic chamber


The application realized by Eurosei for Prototipo S.p.A. has been possible thanks to the special EFx series cylinders with flexible shaft (Eurosei patent). The request regarded the execution of car gearboxes tests in a climatic chamber, with temperatures from -40° to +140°.

Thanks to the flexible shaft the motor remains outside the climatic chamber, while the exceptional characteristics of Eurosei electric cylinders ensure its perfect functioning even with such extreme temperatures and wide temperature ranges.


By courtesy of Prototipo S.p.A. - Trofarello (TO).

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