Movement of doors and hatches on luxury boats



Another particular application of the electric cylinders realized by Eurosei for a well-known company dealing with the internal furnishing of ferry-boats, hydrofoils, luxury yacht and catamarans for the most important shipyards and sailing companies, is the movement and closing of hatches and doors on luxury boats.

The usage of Eurosei electric cylinders has permitted (with no relevant expenses) to obtain a high speed of opening and closing, maintaining a soft two-way movement, but above all, since the system is blocked but in tension when the engine is off, to avoid the addition of locks to the doors.

The safety of the closure is guaranteed by a resistance to opening up to 200Kg, while, in case of emergency or need, it is sufficient to cut the power supply to the system and the cylinder becomes a reversible system allowing to open the door with no effort.
The solution is the result of a perfect integration of the fundamental components of the system: the electric cylinder, the motor, the driver-positioner and of course the Eurosei management software. 


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