Jollino Plus

12-24 Vdc IP67 self-learning electronic actuator

Attuatore Lineare Compatto Jollino Plus con elettronica di autoapprendimento
  • Compact linear actuator for ON-OFF movements at 12-24 Vdc
  • IP 67
  • Push/traction: from 10 to 200Kg.
  • Speed: from 20 to 3 mm/sec
  • Rod End: Threaded rod or Eye rod end
  • Duty factor ED: 30%
  • Memory position: yes, no battery
  • End Stroke:integrated (uscite PnP 100 mA)
  • Command: 2 or 3 wire
  • Electrical connection with cable gland
  • Standard Output: Software limit switches for position reached automatically set during set-up stroke
  • Optional Output:Analog Out 0-10 V for 0-100% of the stroke, automatically set during set-up stroke

Where to use

  • In all cases requiring a handling with ON - OFF control type

  • Very cheap format change system

  • Movements on agricultural vehicles

  • Movements on boats and yachts

  • Accelerator systems for diesel engines, in general

  • Systems for safety locking

  • Handling multiple systems of ventilation and air conditioning


12-24Vdc ON-OFF small movements.
IP67 Clamping and Handling.
Handling and openings sistem for windows and air conditioning field.
One Kind for wall or pivoting.


Electronic Card Features

The card allows the direct control of 24V max 2A DC motor with encoder, one or two pulses / revolution ensuring a precise and repeatable positioning without the use of external end stoke position and without the need to have devices or
relays for the rotation control.
The card also, thanks to its own rescue system data, without the use of a battery, is capable of providing, at the return of the supply voltage, at an 0-10V analog output , the instantaneous position of the system moved to the reported value
of 0 - 100% of the race, whatever it is.
The programming of the working stroke is performed, during installation, with a simple self-learning cycle with the aid of two buttons
in the same card. The types of operation of the card are varied and allow the piloting of the system in a very simple and intuitive way.
There are of course also available digital outputs of end of stroke but it is not necessary to use them for the management,
as they are typically used to indicate extreme positions of the stroke in the cases where this need exists.

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