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Everything about the ECR Series (similar to Standard ISO 6432)


All the EUROSEI’s electric actuators of the ECR Series, both the ones with linear motorization, and the ones with parallel motorization (they are similar to ISO 6432), are equipped with trapezoidal acme screws; this allows step precision and repeateability sufficient for the majority of applications where is not needed high precision, high speed, or high number of daily cycles (for those situations the ball screw cylinders are more indicated).

The ECR Series has been studied and projected to offer a product able to solve the problems due to frequent format-change on the automatic machines, and on all those applications where is needed a program managing the strokes and the positions, having however limited loads and speeds. Anyway it is a system which grants the same reliability and safe of the above mentioned ones, and in the same time, has a lower price, allowing its usage also in applications that may be considered as “less important”.



The EUROSEI’s electric actuators of ECR Series, thanks to their particular protection feature, thanks to the pre-lubrication done during the assembling phase, to the lead screw nut type (made in high tech plastic material), and to the peculiar assembling of the roller bearings bench, do not need any ordinary maintenance, and when a extraordinary maintenance is needed, they allow their dismantling and re-assembling in a very easy and safe way, causing very short machine-down times.

Anyway we recommend a visual check, together with clearing and re-greasing of the system screw - ball screw after about 1000 working hours. After a first inspection, evaluating the inner grease status, the user will be in position to take decision about the future maintenance operations timings.


The EUROSEI’s electric actuators of ECU Series have to be considered as part of machines, and consequently, during their installation, all the actual norms must be followed, in particular the ones mentioned in “Machines’ Communitarian Norms” CEE 89/392 and following.

In case of need of the complete system with its motor, please contact our Technical Dept.
When differently the motors are supplied by the end-user, please send us – together with cylinder’s request – a draw mentioning the motor’s dimensions; in particular, prior to final choose, pay attention to the motor shaft diameter and verify the compatibility to our Technical Dept.

About the supply of the fixing tools, or of the rod anti-rotation device, please refer to pneumatic cylinders’ tools and accessories ISO 15552, or send us your request of the proper catalogue.

On the ECR Series actuators it is not possible to install the inside kit for the rod anti-rotation.

We always recommend to pay max care to how these products are applied, always evaluating the relevant values of resistance to static and dynamic loads; we must always remember that the electric actuators are systems based on lead screw nuts and ball screw combination, and consequently, due to their characteristics, are not allowing axial kick back beyond the allowed tolerances, otherwise the whole system could be damaged.


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