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Everything about the ECU Special series


All the EUROSEI’s electric actuators of the ECU Series have installed trapezoidal acme screws; this feature allows step precision and sufficient repeteability for the majority of applications where high precision, high speed, or high number of daily cycles are not requested.

The ECU Series cylinders, since they are equipped with a 24V CC gear-motor, have to be considered as Linear Actuators and not as Electric Cylinders, being the last term particularly addressed to the ECx Series, in compliance with the norms ISO 15552 e ISO 6432.

The ECU Series, with its same fixings useful both to be fixed on machine body or on oscillating versions, has been expressly projected to solve problems about systems to open/close windows and lanterns; and in the adjusting of motorized opening devices to air-convey particular environments as cowsheds or stables, more in general for the Building Automation field.
Considering its peculiar mechanical characteristics, and its overall strenght, it is often applied on all kinds of vehicles, usually having 12 and 24 V dc.

Thanks to their low price, and tank to their very small overall dimensions, and considering the high loads they can move (even more than 100 Kg), the ECU Series actuators are indicated in all the applications where is needed a safe and reliable movement, but with a number of daily cycles not too high.

The running intermittence can vary between a minimum of 70% to a maximum of 30%, in function of the moved loads.

To complete the system, we offer the possibility to equip those actuators with magnetic rod, and with an encoder having one or two channels to the motor.


The EUROSEI’s electric actuators of ECU Series, thanks to their particular protection feature, thanks to the pre-lubrication done during the assembling phase, to the lead screw nut type (made in high tech plastic material), and to the peculiar assembling of the roller bearings bench, do not need any ordinary maintenance, and when a extraordinary maintenance is needed, they allow their dismantling and re-assembling in a very easy and safe way, causing very short machine-down times.

Anyway we recommend a visual check, together with clearing and re-greasing of the system screw - ball screw after about 500 working hours. After a first inspection, evaluating the inner grease status, the user will be in position to take decision about the future maintenance operations timings.


The EUROSEI’s electric actuators of ECU Series have to be considered as part of machines, and consequently, during their installation, all the actual norms must be followed, in particular the ones mentioned in “Machines’ Communitarian Norms” CEE 89/392 and following.

Cilindro _ecu _sezione

To dimension properly the whole system with its gear-motor, please see the specific technical sheet or contact our Technical Dept.

To have info about the fixing tools of the magnetic sensors, please contact our Technical Dept.

On the ECU Series actuators it is not possible to install the inside kit for the rod anti-rotation.

We always recommend to pay max care to how these products are applied, always evaluating the relevant values of resistance to static and dynamic loads; we must always remember that the electric actuators are systems based on lead screw nuts and ball screw combination, and consequently, due to their characteristics, are not allowing axial kick back beyond the allowed tolerances, otherwise the whole system could be damaged.


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