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Everything about ECx and EFx series in Standard ISO 15552 (ex ISO 6431)


All EUROSEI electric actuators of the Series ECL, ECS, ECH, EFL and EFS, are in conformity with ISO 15552 (ex ISO 6431) norms, and mount ball-screws precision class ISO9, allowing pitch precision and repeteability suitable for almost all kind of application.
Ball-screws with precision class ISO5 and pre-loaded lead screw nuts having zero backlash can be mounted upon request.

The ECE and EFE Series, in conformity with ISO 15552 (ex ISO 6431) mount a trapezoidal acme screw, to offer (at the same quality level and mechanical strenght), a less expensive product; these can be used in applications in which precision, speed, and daily cycles number are not too high.


EUROSEI electric actuators of ECx and EFx Series, thanks to their particular protection feature and to the pre-lubrication done during the assembling phase (in particular during the assembling of the roller bearings), do not need any ordinary maintenance, and when an extraordinary maintenance is needed, they allow their dismantling and re-assembling in a very easy and safe way, causing very short machine-down times. Anyway we recommend a visual check, and a clearing and re-greasing of the system screw - ball screw after about 1000 working hours. After this first inspection for the evaluation of the inner grease status, the user will time the future maintenance interventions.


EUROSEI’s electric actuators of ECx and EFx Series have to be considered as part of a machine; during their installation, all the actual norms must be followed, in particular the ones mentioned in “Machines’ Communitarian Norms” CEE 89/392 and following.


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For the supplying of the complete system with its motor, please contact our Technical Dept 
If  the motor is supplied by the enduser, please send us a draw mentioning the motor’s dimensions; pay special attention to the motor shaft diameter and verify its compatibility with our Technical Dept.
for the supplying of the fixing tools and of the rod anti-rotation device, please refer to pneumatic cylinders’ tools and accessories ISO 15552 (ex ISO 6431), or send us your request of the proper catalogue.

We always recommend to pay maximum attention when evaluating the relevant values of resistance to static and dynamic loads; the electric actuators are systems based on lead screw nuts and ball screw combination, due to their characteristics they do not stand axial kick back beyond the allowed tolerances, otherwise the whole system could be damaged.

The structure of the ECx and EFx, especially in the heavy duty Series, increases the maximum mechanical tolerances in order to widen the regular applications.


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