Electric -cylinders

ECC parallel

SIMIL ISO 6432 - Parallel motor - 12-24 V DC motor series

Cilindro Elettrico ECC rinviato
  • IP 65
  • Linear actuators, high precision, ECL Series, with parallel motor drive
  • Ball screws maximum ø 14 mm
  • Shape and dimensions are in conformity with simil ISO 6432 Cylinders
  • Available size: 32
  • Standard strokes till 400 mm
  • Special strokes till 1.000 mm

Where to use

  • In the field of automation, whenever facing a movement with the need of Acme Screw; replacing the regular cylinders when constant speed with controlled acceleration / deceleration ramps, is needed even if not with constant loads.

  • IP65

  • In all the applications where a strong traction drive / thrust, is needed and
    avoiding the use of hydraulic units.

  • In movement systems where the absence of pollution is requested and/or where silence is a must.


EUROSEI’s ECC simil ISO 6432 Series linear units are proposed as a proper solution for applications in which precise and controlled positionings are requested.
In fact they grant the possibility of preset technical solutions, which allow a very quick and simple mechanical design and, next, the easy start-up of the automatic systems.
The ease of installment and the several different models available make the EUROSEI’s ECC linear actuators a point of reference about this kind of products.
EUROSEI, furthermore, offers to customers the possibility to supply these linear units already including their motors.
This allows the use of the actuators Series ECC simil ISO 6432 as simple commercial components, similar to the standard pneumatic cylinders, yet having the advantages of having an electric axle.

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