SIMIL ISO 6432 -12-24 V DC motor, built-in reduction gear series

Cilindro Elettrico ECU
  • Linear Actuators for general automation or building Automation; linear motor driven, with incorporated reduction gear, with trapezoidal acme screw and self-lubricant leads crew nut
  • One only fixing system, both for linear and oscillating installations
  • Appropriate control electronic cards

Where to use

  • In the field of automation, whenever facing a movement with the need of Acme Screw; replacing the regular cylinders when constant speed with controlled acceleration / deceleration ramps, is needed even if not with constant loads.
  • In the systems to open/close windows and lanterns; and in the adjusting of motorized opening devices to air-convey particular environments as cowsheds, stables, etcetera.


EUROSEI’s compact electric actuators “ECU” Series are proposed as a proper solution for applications in which precise and controlled positionings are requested (+/- 0.3 mm). Specially in situations of frequent “size change” on assembling machines or operating machines, they grant the possibility of preset technical solutions, which allow a very quick and simple mechanical design and, next, the easy start-up of the automatic systems.
The easiness to be installed and the competitiveness on price make the EUROSEI’s “ECU” compact electric actuators a point of reference about this kind of products.
Regarding the fixings, the possibility to use the same model of actuator both in version with stable fixing and with oscillating fixing, allows great ease and savings in its installations; furthermore, a special bracket to lock the cylinder liner allows its use in opening/closing systems for windows, lanterns, dormers, etcetera.
EUROSEI, furthermore, offers to customers the possibility to supply these compact electric actuators “ECU”Series with their electronic device managing the movements, both from remote and wireless; this system is able to keep and remember its position even in case of blackout.
This allows the use of the actuators Series ECU as simple commercial components, similar to the standard pneumatic cylinders, yet having the advantages of having an electric axle.

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