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Control Unit ECD1

Force displacement control unit

Unità di controllo forza spostamento ECD1
  • Integrated positioning device for electric cylinders with brushless or stepper motor
  • Force displacement control and display with encoder and load cell feedback
  • Power supply 24Vdc
  • Digital Input Type PnP
  • Digital output type 10W (max. total 30W)
  • Analog Input 12 bit
  • Analog Output 12 bit
  • Encoder power supply 12 Vdc
  • Encoder input Line Driver (A A, B B, Z Z)
  • Load cell input 1mV/V, 2mV/V


The control unit ECD1 was created to manage independently, simply and functionally, all the mechanical systems moved by a Electric Cylinder, whether it is driven by a brushless motor or by a motor Stepper.

The module ECD1 is able to directly manage both the driver of the motor that read the value of the load cell applied to generate a force-displacement diagram for the current cycle.

The tool is able to manage a remote PLC ON OFF signals for the determination of “Good or not good” in quality and certification systems, through a particular protocol via RS232 interface, data exchange with a PC management, send data of
the curve and receive “prescriptions” or working parameters sent from the PC.

The tool, in a “panel version”, is equipped with special removable terminal blocks for easy wiring and commissioning.

In systems where the load cell is not available, the use of Driver for brushless motors with analog output relative to current consumption it still allows the use and potentiality.

N.B. In the near future the specific manual will be available.


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