Motors -controls

Brushless controls AC

Sanyo Denki Series Q

Azionamento Brushless AC Serie Q
  • 5-figure display 
  • Programming keyboard
  • RS232 connector
  • Supply connector from 200VAC to 230VAC [+10%;–15%], single and three-phase (it can be set up by the user). 
  • Signals connector with impulse train control
  • 8 inputs (6 optically isolated pnp/npn + 2 line driver quick inputs) that can be set up by the user, 8 outputs (optically isolated npn) that can be set up by the user.
  • Connector for external brake resistance, equipped with a sensing for the maximum temperature alarm (optional).
  • Encoder connector
  • Engine power connector

Technical Details

  • 5 DIGITS DISPLAY. Allows the visualization of the parameters, the analysis of the alarms, and the monitoring the system working in real time.

  • PROGRAMMING KEYBOARD. Allows the modification of all the parameters of the system, and the access to the test, monitor and alarms modes.

  • RS232 CONNECTOR. The driving is fully configurable and monitored thru personal computer.

  • FEEDING CONNECTOR. From 200VAC to 230VAC [+10%;–15%], monophase and 3phase (configurable by the user). Sections of splitted feedings for electronic of logic / power signal. Protection circuits integrated against overloads, over-tensions in input, and evenctual mistakes done during motor connection (errors in encoder wirings, short-circuit phase-phase, and phase- earth).

  • SIGNALS CONNECTOR. Control: thru pulse train (clock + direction; forward + backward pulse; 90° phase difference) and analogic co-signal (proportional to speed or torque). 8 inputs (6 opto-insulated pnp/npn + 2 fast inputs line driver) configurable by the user. 8 outputs (opto-insulated npn) configurable by the user.

  • CONNECTOR for resistance of external breaking, equipped with sensing to alarm of max temperature (optional).



  • Automatic circuit of dynamic breaking when in conditions of alarm or power-off.

  • Integrated system in closed circuit having control mode of Position, Speed and Torque. Possibility of “Quick-Change”: position + speed; position + speed; speed + torque.

  • Dynamic Auto-tuning: can be set on 11 values of rigidity, allows the system to self-regulate in real time. The driving reacts to modifications even important of initial load, immediately varying the parameters of the ring of position and speed. This feature, once activated, allows the user to avoid any adjusting procedure.

  • Scale factor to be set on the analogic inputs or in frequency and on the encoder signal repetition.

  • Restriking times have been reduced 5 times comparing with the previous series PY2.

  • Reaction in frequency of the speed circuit: 600 Hz.
  • Two integrated notch filters for the cancelation of resonance frequencies of the system.

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