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Brushless Servomotors AC

Sanyo Denki P2, P3, P5, P6, Q1 Series

Servomotori Brushless Serie AC
  • P2, P3, Q1 series motors: very compact, low inertia.
  • P5, P6 series motors: compact, medium inertia.
  • IP protection level: from IP43 to IP67 (when models change).
  • Power range from 50W to 3000W.
  • Maximum speed of 4500 rpm (3000 rpm for P5 and P6 models).
  • Sensor of position: incremental encoder on all models (A,-A,B,-B,C,-C) with a resolution at 8000 impulses/round.
  • Perfect behavior when overloaded.
  • A complete mapping of all the motor electric characteristics is stored within the Q drives.
  • All motors are delivered when already connected with 2 AMP circular connectors for Encoder end Motor Phases.


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