Driver -positioner

Positioning device for Step motors

0-240 VDC stepper motor driver/positioner

Driver Posizionatore EDS 30xx per motori stepper
  • 20 - 240 Vdc supply
  • 0,8 - 10 A RMS phase current
  • 25600 step round resolution
  • Short circuit protection
  • Installation on DIN drives
  • DUP-USB port for via PC diagnostics


The new units in the EDS30xx series contain a flexible motion programmer for controlling motor speed and position.
The unit is connected to external devices by 4 optoisolated digital inputs and 2 outputs, each of which can be PNP or NPN configured or piloted in line driver mode. Two +/-10V analogue inputs and one 0-10VDC analogue output complete the
control signals.
To allow maximum flexibility, the inputs and outputs are not specialised and can be programmed for specific applications. For example, the digital inputs can be used to control cycle start and stop, execution of the zeroing procedure, selection of the target position, velocity, and so on. The digital outputs serve to indicate that a position has been reached, a safety device has been activated, etc.
The analogue inputs can be used, for instance, to modify motor speed dynamically, to regulate the position, alter a timer and so on. The analogue
output is used to control proportional actuators, provide an inverter with a speed reference, control an analogue display instrument, and the like.
The drive is designed for rapid installation of a DIN guide. Conveniently-positioned, coloured and removable terminal blocks are used for motor, control signal and power connections.
The unit is connected to the EDUP diagnostic and programming port via a specific interface to the PC via the USB port. The interface provides electrical insulation for the PC and drive.


Programs and OS

Special programs have been developed by Eurosei for the matching of stepper motors to its own electric cylinders, in order to allow its use also in important applications with great simplicity and low cost applied market (see OS-Easy step).

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