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Step motors Series H

Sanyo Denki Serie H

Motori Passo-Passo serie H
  • Better performances in terms of torque and power, always maintaining the NEMA standard traditional dimensions.
  • Lower acoustic noise with the same supplied power.
  • Less vibrations generated by the motor group.
  • Optimized set up to better exploit any advantage in terms of precision and softness offered by high step resolution drives.
  • Increased performances with a consequent reduction of losses with the same supplied power.

Higher torque, small overall dimensiones, high performance!

The important investment done by SANYO DENKI in terms of R&D of new technologies and new products has lead to this offer of new series of step motors, which has to be added to the actual large range of standard models.

The higher performances and the less noise effect make the Serie H SANYO DENKI’s step motors the best available for powerful, precise and reliable positioning systems, allowing their use in new fields and in new applications.

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