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Eurosei has created HEES, a simple, innovative and conceptually new Operative System used to create customized applications starting from already-made “projects” that are normally used for movements with Stepper engine-powered electric Cylinders. The system also works as an On-line monitor to permit a simple and accurate installation.

It works both with Eurosei EDS30xx and EDS50xx positioners and with the Stand-Alone version and with the Mod-Bus protocol and communication line.


  • HEES

    Software di controllo HEES

    HEES Operative System

    • Designed for Microsoft Windows XP or 7
    • Connected to EDSxx positioners by a USB port with a suitable converter.
    • A maximum of 15 units on the same RS485 line
    • It manages several communication lines
    • Projects can be downloaded from the WEB with the possibility to be customized
    • Possibility to create new specific Projects


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