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HEES Operative System

Software di controllo HEES
  • Designed for Microsoft Windows XP or 7
  • Connected to EDSxx positioners by a USB port with a suitable converter.
  • A maximum of 15 units on the same RS485 line
  • It manages several communication lines
  • Projects can be downloaded from the WEB with the possibility to be customized
  • Possibility to create new specific Projects

The HEES operative system wants to offer the possibility to manage the movements of a stepper motor-powered electric cylinder in a simple and natural way.

The whole system is based on a series of “projects” (already pre-loaded) that propose preordered and specific movements to perform some kinds of operative cycles that are normally used in automation and industrial movement processes such as, for example, positioning cycles with multiple pre-programmed strokes, control of position, speed and of anything necessary to those processes that require position and speed control.

The system, starting from a cyclogram illustrating the performed functions, offers different alternatives and, thanks to the system “variables” or the “user variables”, permits an even substantial modification to adapt the cylinder functioning (powered by the stepper engine) to one’s own real applications.


Basic Information

With the word “Project” we indicate a group of documents, applicative software and relevant applications able to drive, thanks to an application downloaded on a Eurosei EDS30-50xx series positioner, the stepper motor that moves the cylinder it is placed on.

In the Project file you find included :

  • The basic program to manage the positioner
  • The cyclogram illustrating the motion or positioning system that characterizes it
  • The explicative text file and anything necessary to make the relationship between application and interactive

The project comes with a standard application (STD) relevant to a 100mm stroke cylinder with a 5mm pitch screw and a 200mm/sec speed that perfectly functions in accordance with the illustrative cyclogram.

The user can generate new applications modifying the parameters of the standard application and adding notes and other information to the text file.

When connected to the Eurosei series EDS30-50xx Driver/Positioner, the system recognizes the installed program and it permits its modification and the On line monitor.

In the Mod-Bus version, the HEES operative system is able to “see and manage” up to a maximum of fifteen units.


Examples and manuals

In the near future an illustrative file on the usage of the HEES software will be here published, and in the Download Area (for Eurosei service members only) the operative manual, the Projects and the new available versions (upgrade) of the software will be published and kept updated. 


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