Driver -positioner

Stepper motor Driver/Positioner

The Eurosei Driver-Positioners EDS30xx and EDS50xx are devices able to directly drive a two stroke stepper engine (200 step/rated rounds) with currents up to 12 A and with tensions at 220 Vdc thanks to a user software that can be loaded using the HEES operative system.

  • EDS 30xx

    Driver Posizionatore EDS 30xx per motori stepper

    20-240 Vdc stepper motor driver/positioner

    • Power supply 20 - 240 V DC
    • Phase current 0.8 - 10 A RMS
    • Resolution 25600 step per revolution
    • Short circuit protection
    • Installation on DIN drives
    • DUP-USB port for via PC diagnostics


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